The Artist

My name is Danielle, I’m the woman behind DaniMarie YXE! I started drawing at a very young age, my Mom used to teach folk art painting and would take me to classes. That is where I got my start in painting and it's been nothing but experimenting and growth since then.

A few years ago I took up watercolour painting and there was no going back! I use a combination of watercolour and ink in most of my of my paintings to help bring some structure and dimension to the pieces. I also ventured into digital art in 2020 and have been enjoying experimenting with that medium! My favourite things to paint come from nature, birds, flowers, mountains, animals and I'm also a lover of astrology (Hello my fellow Cancers!).

I hope you enjoy my art as much as I do creating it!

- Danielle


  • Senior Executive Assitant

    This is Max our Senior Executive Assistant. He oversees all aspects of the business from beginning to end and also keeps the novice staff in check. At 12 years old he takes his job very seriously and can be a bit crusty at times but if given some snacks and plenty of time to nap he will come around.

  • Jr. Assistant

    Maggie is the Jr. Assistant. A very excitable, slightly destructive and senstive girl, she needs frequent reminders to stay on task and to not harass other employees. Her favourite thing to do is make sure the artist takes lots of rest breaks and to chase the Operations Manager around. She does try her best though!

  • Operations Manager

    George is the Operations Manager here at DaniMarie YXE. Overseer of painting, printing, packing and making sure the quality of all products is up to snuff. He's very hard to please and frequently disapproves of ideas and the other staff members. He likes to think he is the most important of all employess. He can be subdued by a good box to sit in though.